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Spotlight: Donna-cards from Denmark

In Denmark we have a interesting designer by the name Donna. She is a card-designer for www.scrapper.dk (a danish scrapbook-webstore). Donna makes lovely cards inspirered by paper piecing. I just love them and have a lot of her templates. Unlike paper piecing she uses stitching on her cards, wich gives them a different look than paper piecing. Im not that good in sewing, so mostly I just draw the stitches or only do a little stitching.

To day I will show you how I make a Donna-card and show you some of my finished cards.

From the shop you get this template. I have printet a picture of a finished card as well. I take a photocopy of my templates before i cut them up.

Then choose the paper you want to use. Remember to use your scrap-pieces first.

Find a good black marker with a broard tip...

and paint all the edges black. It will give it a paper pieced look. By the way... look how I used to small pieces of paper and glued them together to make a piece big enough.

I like the put my marker on the edge of the paper painten on my scrap paper. If I do it like that, I only get a thin line on my pretty paper.

Donna really like stitching! On some of the templates she even made it clear where to sew. On this piece of paper i actually used a needle and a thread!

Glue you pieces together.

I like to mount the finished project on first white then colored cardboard. But you can do it as you like. The grey cardboard is also my cardbase. It folds on the top of the cake.

Dekorate as you like. I used two stamps:


SOME of my Donna cards...

a students hat...
used these stamps:

a big dog...
used this stamp:

a saw...
used this stamp:

a trolley...
used these stamps:

a champagne bottle...
used this stamp:
Hope you liked my post. Wishing you all a wonderful spring!!!
Love from Benita

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