tisdag 6 mars 2012

Stamping in clay

Today I want to show you all how to stamp in clay. I choose an air drying clay because it is very fun to color when its dry, otherwise it is possible to use polymer clay as well (this have to dry in the own). At first I covered a lid with clay. Then I stamped Annies song and "3 flowers". When this has dried you can color it with distress ink or acrylic paint. I like mainly acrylic color in dabber shape because it is easier to pull on the surface if you do not want to cover the whole thing. I also made small charms/decorations as you can see on the collage picture. I first rolled out the clay, stamped and then I took a coockie cutter and squeeze out my form. You can stamp with or without the stamp color. I hope you can see how I have done and If you have any questions, ask!
I colored the lid with both victorian velvet and walnut stain.
Stamps I used: Box Annies song tre blommor med swirls Charms Annies song tre blommor med swirls Blomma med spröt Blomster

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