tisdag 13 mars 2012

Tuesday tips - Birdcage

Today I show how to do a birdcage with a gift box or a cereal box.

Start by cutting strips from the box.

Then draw the back of the cage and cut it out. It´s about 2 3/4" high and 1 3/4" wide.

I bend the paperstrips with a bonefolder.

Fold the edges.

Glue it onto the base. Repeat with a second strip. And then a small one at the top.
Now it´s time to paint it black. I use acrylic paint. Paint the strips on one side. Put the strips through the top ring and glue it on the other rings. I use a gluegun.
Repeat with the other strips. Glue the parts at the top together and then cut them off.
Draw a line round the bottom. Cut it out and glue it.
Then paint the front with black acrylic paint.
I used some copper paint on my finger and I smeared it out in some places.
I ´ve used the stamp Pippin flyger on the cage. I hung it on my easter twigs.
Or you can use it on a card:)

I hope you liked my tutorial:)

Hugs Tesa

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  1. Så söt fågelbur du har gjort! Den ska jag lägga på minnet :)


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