lördag 16 juni 2012

Fridge magnet/ decoration

Hello everyone out there,

today is Saturday and that meens PotW-day
and it is my part to show you what they had for the DT's ideas about the topic
Fridge magnet/ decoration

First we have Madame Ink with Shrink Plastic Magnets
Stamps she used are under the pictures:

Then we have Bili, she makes Fridge Poetry
(She cut out words from various text stamps, chalked the edges and glued onto thin magnets)

She used this stamps: T46 , T56 , T60 , T64 (he is 50%off)

Jaana make Peebles magnets :o)
She  used the eyes from following stamps:

and I do the last FridgeMagnet

I used the stamp:
and the

I hope you enjoy and link your FridgeMagnet/ Decoration projects back to us so we can se all your inspiration!
Happy crafting!

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