måndag 28 januari 2013

Spotlight - shrinking plastic

Stamps can be used in so many different ways. To day I will show you how to use your favorit stamps to make your own charms or decoration.
You need:
- a sheet of shrinking plastic. You can get either clear or white. I like the clear.
- all your favorit stamps
- ink and a block
- sizzor, tweezer and colours
- heatgun
Stamp on the rough side of the shrinking plastic. Let it dry for a few minutes.

Cut your stamps out

You dont need to cut in to every curve in the stamp... but you can if yu want to.
Now it's time to colour the stamp. I use my childrens markers. But you can use every kind of colouring pensils. If you like holes in the finished product you need to make the hole now. Make sure it is larger than normal. It will shrink too.

My finished products.
It was my first try with the feets and the gost. Like them!

I have a little bag in my drawer filled with many different shrinked stamps. You can allso use text-stamps, diecuts (i made the Hello Kitty with a die and coloured it afterwards) and backgroundstamps. You can use punches as well.

Hope you ave been inspired! Love, Benita

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