söndag 3 april 2011

10 000 visitors give away!

Hi all!

Thanks to you, our fantastic readers out there, we've soon reached the 10000 visitors mark for this blog! And of course we want to celebrate this!!! Anna and Annika already got a head start on the celebration (click here to read about what they are up to: "Soon 10 000 blog visitors". Great prizes to be won!!!).

We also want to give something to our dear followers... So, as soon as we hit the 10 000 on our counter, we will give a 300 SEK gift certificate to one of our followers (randomly chosen)!

So hit that "Follow"-button now if you haven't already!!!

2 kommentarer:

  1. wow :) gött att man följt er ett tag redan :)

  2. Tillykke med de mange besøgende. :-)


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