lördag 9 april 2011

Project of the week

This week we made different kind of tealightcards. I love these type of cards and think it is one of many perfect presents when visiting people. I know there are more types out there than what we made. If you know one that is not shown here why dont you make one, put on your blog and leave a comment with the address so we all can go and have a look and get some insparation:)

First out we have Teolinda She used the sentiment  "Hipp hipp hurra" on her card that can fit 3 tealights

After that we have Lilla07an she mad a kind that fits six candles and have used the stamp "Trolla, get well".

Jaana made one that also fits three candles and used the stamp "Missy the cat"

Elke made one for four candles and thinking of it I'm sure you can put other things in there, not just candles. She used the stamp "Vera takes a foothbath"
Bili made the type that have a tag on the side to write on, the stamps she used is "butterfly" and the sentiment "Thanks"

And then me, Madame Ink I have made the easel type that fits four tealights, the stamp I used is called "garden women"

I hoe you have enjoyed the things we made and dont forget to go to yesterdays entry and leave a comment so you have a chance to win the stamp "Vera and agnes on a cloud"

Madame Ink

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