tisdag 9 augusti 2011

Cards from the boss!!!

Todaywe haven't got a Tuesday Tip for you, but a few cards to show you instead. It's our lovely Anna, one of the owners of Stämpelkällan, who's had quite a vacation and got her crafting spirit in gear!

Lets start with two birthday cards:
On this card she's used three stamps to create a little scene, Verner with gifts (C22), Vera going to a party (C6), and the lamppost (A111).

A birthday card using the lovely Vera taking a fotbath (C27). The text in the background is one of our stamps as well; O Helga natt (J59).

Next she got into the spirit of Halloween, and turned to the more creepy section of stamps...
 Here I believe she has used no less than five of our stamps together, not counting the sentiment; Happy Halloween (HW8). The happy pumpkin (HW1), the little spiderling (HW5), the owl (K4a), grass (K7) and the tree (A85), can all be found in the shop of course.

Here she used the same sentiment, tree and spiderling, but a different pumpkin; Pumpkin with leaves (HW7).

And of course one has to get an early start on those christmas cards too...
To create this beatiful christmas card she has used four different stamps. The door (A46), the bowl with candles and baubles (J78), Holly with swirls (J24) and the sentiment En riktigt god jul... (J58).

This one's a bit lighter. Again, she has used a lot of stamps together to create a little scene. On the green cardstock she has used one of the "Swirls with flower", either to the left (A59), or the right (A37) (maybe she used both). For the motif she has used Gingerbread house (J9), Snowman with gingerbread heart (J65), the Snowclad firtree, small size (J76b) and the sentiment God Jul with a bow (J23).

Tomorrow we'll be back to our usual schedule again!
Please take a look at our challenge to make birthdaycards for Stämpelkällan, and if you find yourselves wanting for ideas you can always have a look in our sketchbook!

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  1. Diese Karten gefallen mir alle sehr gut. Perfekte Farben, perfekte Motive. Wenn ich die Halloween Karten sehe wird mir bewusst das es schon wieder auf den Monat Oktober geht. Wo ist oder war der Sommer.

  2. Vad kul att se dina alster Anna:) Underbara allihop. Keep up the good work!
    Kram Tesa


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