lördag 15 oktober 2011

project of the week/napkin holders

Hello everybody!
Today we're going to show you how you easily can make the dinner-table a bit more personal.
Just add a couple of home-made napkin holders!

The first ones are made by Elli:

She's put on some nice stitching around the edges.
The embossed stamp is Klängranka slingrar sig.

Tesa has used a lot of punches on her napkin holder.
The flowers are Blomma med spröt mindre.

Christina made some holders for Christmas-parties:

It's nice I think, that the brown colour has different tones on skin (?) and clothes.
The stamps are Pepparkaksgubbe and Pepparkaksgumma.

I, Monica, made a kind of standing-up-napkin-holder.
On the sign I put Välkommen på kalas.

Jennifer made one for Halloween.
She used "stamp of the week", Halloween, pumpa o löv.
If you leave a comment below before Saturday 23.59, you have the chance to win one of your own!

Wish you all a lovely weekend!

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