tisdag 11 oktober 2011


My english isn't the best, but I'll do my best to get you all
to undestand.

Today I'm going to show you,
how to do the bakground-paper,
that you can see in yesterdays sketch.

You'll need some kind of dish
and some washing-up liquid.

Pour a little water in the dish
and a few drops of the washing-up liquid.
I don't really know the amount,
but you can just pour in some more,
if needed.

Next you take some distress refill ink or acrylic paint
or any fluiding ink and drop into the water.
Stir around.

Then you take a straw and blow with it in the water,
till you have filled the whole dish with bubbles.

Now you take a paper, ( I prefer a glossy one ),
and gently press it against the bubbles,
till they stuck on the paper.
You'll have to repeat this many times and maby add more ink,
if you want a stronger colour
or add some washing-up liquid, if you havent enough bubbles.
You'll also have to blow with the straw when needed.

If you want more colours,
repeat these steps again, in another dish, with some other colour.
Allow the paper to dry, between the colours.

Here you can see what my paper ended up like:

Good luck !

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  1. Vad snyggt det blev! Tack för tipset! Detta måste jag prova!

  2. Läckert! Tack för tipset!


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