torsdag 20 oktober 2011

Volkswagen Beelte

Hi you all,
Today it is my, Päivis,  turn to blogg.  First I will show you this card with a Volkswagen Beetle.
I just love the Volkswagen Beelte stamp. I have never my self owned a Beetle but I have always liked the car. Here in Sweden we celebrate the Fathersday November 13 and I think this will be the perfect card for my father. Why? Because about that time, when the Fathersday is, it will be 43 years ago my father came and picked me and my mother home from the hospital in a light blue Volswagen Beelte :o)

And the second card is with the stamps "Snöklädd gran" small and middle. Think this could be used as a Christmas card, don´t you? :o)

That´s all from me. Thank´s for stoping by. 


4 kommentarer:

  1. Vilka fina kort.
    Bubblan är min favoritbil och drömmen är att äga en igen.

  2. Vilka fina kort! Bubblan-kortet är ju görfräckt! Ser ut som om bilen är på att köra ifrån kortet.. *ler* Coolt!

  3. very cool beetle card. it's popping out of the paper! wonderful work!

  4. Åh va fint kortet med "Bubblan" är!


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