tisdag 4 oktober 2011

Stamp a candle...

I thought I'd show you how to use your stamps on candles today.

1. What you will need. Stamps (of course.... ), the ones I have used here are "Twig with hanging hearts, small (J27a)" and "Äntligen Jul (J11)". Ink, a heat gun, tissue paper or a white napkin of some sort (I have used a paper napkin) and a candle.

2. Stamp and colour your images. I have taken my napkin apart so that I only have one layer. It also saves ink in my markers... Put an extra sheet of scrap paper underneath, the ink has a tendency to bleed through.

3. I tear my images off, as close as I can without tearing them apart.

4. Press the images onto the candle. It helps if you've got warm hands... ;)

5. I use a bit from a baking sheet to hold the images in place while warming them with the heat tool. Hold it quite tight, the tighter the better. You'll see when you're done, it's like embossing, the surface suddenly changes...

6. When you remove the baking sheet the napkin will have blended into the candle and the edges will no longer be visible!

7. Decorate as you see fit! Just one thing to remember: Put inflammable items near the bottom of the candle and remember to put the candle out before the flame reaches them!

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