onsdag 15 juni 2011

Lowa's the name

Hello all!

Today I've got a cute girlie card for you... I was asked to do a card for a naming ceremony for a little girl called Lowa (pronounced loova). They wanted the card to be in pink and brown (lucky me, those colours are so easy to combine! ;)) and I was to use chipboard letters on it! And I can tell you, those letters gave me quite a headache! I had the "owa" left from one alphabet and I somehow had to make do with the "L" from another... So I painted them all black and the I put a lot of gloss on them to make them look as if they belonged together. I think I pulled it off...

I used the stamp Vilma on a cloud. I really love this stamp (and I'm not just saying that because I drew it, I would probably have bought it if someone else had made it). It's so easy to colour and with glitter on the halo she's fit for a lot of different occasions.
The inside made to match the front...

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