lördag 4 juni 2011

Veckans projekt: vattenkanna/watering can

Saturday and time for a new project!
This time me and my friends have made watering cans. The idea is to use them as a small gift for someone (or yourself!).

Perhaps you'll try to make one yourself =)
This is how ours turned out:

Tesa made this one in shape of a box for her mum on Mothers day!
She used some of the newest stamps: Gräs and Kram på dej.

Pippin used an empty bakingpowder-jar, clever! The stamps she used: Hjärtliga gratulationer och miniswirl.

Here's how Maidens can looks like. On the tag you find swirl med blomma åt höger and swirl med blomma åt vänster.

Elli has decorated her can with Blomma med spröt mindre, Humla som flyger liten and Love grows. She's going to put some flower seed-bags in the can as a gift. A nice idea I think!

Christina put Äppelblom and Äppelblom liten on her can.
It looks like she's gold-embossed them.

I've (Monica) made the same kind of can as Maiden. On the little tag you find Kram på dej and inside the wateringcan I put some candy!

Bic put a flower in her can! She used Hjärtswirl hörne around all edges.
Which one is your favourite?
Enjoy your weekend!!!
Hugs, Monica

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  1. Åhhhh de är ju helt underbara allihopa

  2. Hejsan

    Kanonfina kannor!! Finns det någon tutorial på någon av dom??



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