tisdag 7 juni 2011

Tisdagstips: blomma/flower

Hello everybody!!
I hope you all enjoyed the same absolutely fantastic summerweather as I have this weekend!
Still I've made you a tutorial of a flower made of ribbons.
Hope you like it and find it useful.

Here we go:
First you cut 5 pieces of a ribbon, 6cm long. It's best if the ribbon is about 2-2,5 cm wide or more. Otherwise the petals will be very small.

Then you sew small stitches around three sides of each ribbonpiece. Sew all the ribbons with the same thread.

Now you shorten the thread until all the ribbonpieces wrinkle into small flowerpetals. Make a couple of extra stitches on the backside to secure it.

Cut a small circle in cardboard and glue it to the backside of the flower.

To finish the flower you glue a button or perhaps a small paperflower in the middle. This is how some of my flowers look like:
Hugs // Monica =)

7 kommentarer:

  1. Fantastiskt! Tack för detta tips, skall absolut testa denna teknik!
    Kram kram!

  2. vilken underbar blomma. detta kommer att testats!

  3. Fina! Jag har bara gjort såna med halvcirklar av tyg och hobbyfilt förut. Det här var en kul variant. :-)


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