lördag 18 juni 2011

Project of the week

Hi all and welcome back to project of the week. This week we wanted to show you weaved baskets, a few different kinds most of them round and then you have mine at the bottom standing out being square... :)

I loved making a basket even though I found it a bit tricky but I guess once you make a couple you will get the hang of it so my tip is... don’t give up to easy :).

Hope you like what we have done and please if you mead a basket of your own why don’t you post your link in this entry so we can go in and have a peak :)

 Stamp used is Sans Tag

 Stamp used is Grattis till nya hemmet
 Stamps used is blomsterbård and litet bi

Stamp used is Pippin flyger

Madame Ink
Stamps used is Älva freja vilar i gräset  and gräs

Have a nice day and don’t forget to go to our post from yesterday (Stamp of the week) for your chance to win the wonderful sentiment :)


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