tisdag 14 juni 2011

Octagonal box - a template

Hi all!

Today's tuesday tip is more of a guide on how to use the template for my octagonal box found on my personal blog.
1: Cut all pieces along the outlines. There are two pages to print, one for the bottom and one for the lid.

2: Score at all the lines and put doublesided tape on the flaps.

3: Fasten the flaps along the edge of the octagonal piece.

4: The result should look like this. Now repeat for the other half.

5: Now you should have two pieces that nestles well into each other...

It is easier to do the side decoration before gluing the sides to the top. It also makes it a bit more sturdy to work with.
I have decorated this one with flowers and ribbon, and a stamp of couse. This one is called "Äppelblom".
Enjoy making these boxes, they make perfect little gifts! :)

5 kommentarer:

  1. Snyggt San:) Kul att se en annan variant av dessa boxar än de jag gör.
    Kram Tesa

  2. Åh så fin!! Måste jag testa =)
    Tack för mall o instruktion!


  3. You certainly made it seem simple! Thanks for the tut; I'll be trying this one out soon!


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