lördag 5 november 2011

project of the week/star-boxes

Time for a new project for the DT-team to share with you: star-boxes!
All the how-to-make-them-instructions you'll find if you google or visit our individual blogs =)

To make a box of your own is such a nice and personal gift I think. Or why not keep them yourself =) We hope you like the ones we've made for you!

Elli made you a Christmas-box with lots of glitter:

The stamp she decorated the box with is Juleljushörne.
I like the red colour of the transparent star in the lid!

Tesa made you a light blue box with roses on the lid:
She put Grattis on the lid, who wouldn't love this as a birthdaypresent?!

Me, Monica, made a star-shaped box for you:
On the sides I embossed Hörne, snirkligt.

Here you find Klocka med vingar, also embossed in glittery white.

Finally Christina made you a tea-box to inspire, actually the same technique that Tesa used:
She decorated her box with the absolutely gorgeous Groda mini!

We hope you liked this and maybe got some new ideas on the way -and don't forget: it's so fun when you leave us a comment =)

Hope to see some of you at Göteborgsmässan tomorrow!
Hugs, Monica

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