tisdag 15 november 2011

Tuesday Tip - Pull out card

Hi again :)
Today I´m going to show you one way to make a "Pull Out Card".

This is what you need:
  • a paper, cut in 15x20 cm - with pattern on both sides
  • cardstock in one colour, cut in 13x8,5 cm
  • string/lace
  • two-sided tape
  • 3D-pillow
  • something to make a cirkel with
  • chalk
  • eyelet
  • cutter and a cuttermat or a scissor
  • stamps

Take the twosided paper and mark the middle at the long side, 10 cm.

Then you mark 4,5 cm at both sides from the middle.

Now it´s time to fold both sides at the 4,5 cm mark. I´m using my "Fiskars cuttin machine"

Whell... now it´s a little bit tricky, you have to cut out a piece in the middle of the paper. I´ve maked my hole after the stamp I´m going to use later(10x2 cm) Mark out where you will put your hole, at the center of the card - between there you fold earlier.

Now it´s time to use the circlecut, I´ve used a QC-cirkel at the end of the paper.

Use two-sided tape and put the card together.

This is how it looks when it´s almost done :)

For the "tag" inside - use the cardstock. If you want, cut the edges at one shortside.

Chalk the sides and put the Eyelet at the shortside.

I used the stamp:" T49, Välkommen till värden", but I cut of a bit...
and stamped in the rectangle.

Chalk the edges and pull in the cardstockpiece. Cut out a circle in thicker paper,
put a deco at it or a stamp. I´ve used the stamp: "J92, Julskinka". At the back put a 3D-pillow and attach it to the cardstock (still pulled al the way inside)

I chosed to use string this time but it´s very pretty wih lace to.... Now you can
write a message at the tag - my says: to christmaslunch....

Have a nice time doing this!!!
I´ll hope you enjoys it :) Don´t forget to breethe between
all "must do things" which seems to pop up this time of year....

Love Nettan

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