tisdag 8 november 2011

Tuesday Tip by Elli: some different foldings


When I make a card I usually take a cardstock, cut it in half and fold it like on the picture below. And my guess is that it is the most common folding of them all. But I thought that I would show you some other easy and quick foldings, all based on half a cardstock. (Here I have trimmed it to 15 x 30cm to make the measurements easier.)

To begin with: Here is the Gatefold in two different versions.
1. on the side:
Score at ex. 10cm and 25cm

2. in the middle:
Score at 7,5cm and 22,5cm

And here is how the middle gatefold can look when the card is done: (the tricky part is how to close, here I used two brads and a piece of string)

Here is a card with half a front. Just make a straight cut from the middle and down to the left corner of the paper like the picture shows.

And here is what a finished card can look like:

Here we have the s-fold (z-fold) card:
Score at 7,5cm and 15cm and fold like in the picture.

A finished card: (you need something like a ribbon to close the card)

And finally the double s-fold (or double z-fold):
Score at 5, 10, 20 and 25cm

And a finished card: (Same with this one, you need a ribbon to close the card)

Here is a list of the stamps I used for the cards (from the top):

That was all from me... I hope you find my tips useful :) Have a nice day!


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  1. Perfekt med en uppdatering med enkla kortvikningar inför julkortstillverkningen!! Flera av dem passar ju i "vanligt" kuvert dessutom.
    Tack för inspirationen!
    Kram, Monica


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