lördag 17 december 2011

project of the week/calendars

Hello everybody!!

This time we've made some different calendars to prepare ourselves for the new year. Perhaps your New Year's resolution will be not to forget stuff. We hope you'll get some new ideas from us ;)

Tesa made a cute little calendar to keep on the table.
On the first side she embossed Klockbakgrund. All the edges are coloured with Walnut Stain.

June is decorated the same way but with Blomma med spröt mindre instead.

November is decorated with Grattisbakgrund.

Christina made a calendar for the whole family
On the front you find Enkel ros.

On the inside she has marked important dates, here with the help of Idag ska du firas.

The third of Advent: Juleljus litet

I, Monica, made a calender for the wall, the size of a CS (30*30 cm)
I made my Cuttlebug work a lot!

Here you find Vera poserar, with angel-wings to look extra kind and well behaved =) In January I really hope we have some snow so I put some fir trees here to make the wish come true!
Snöklädd gran mellanstor, Snöklädd gran liten

Wish you all a lovely weekend // Monica

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