tisdag 20 december 2011

Tuesday Tip - Selfmade Paper Buttons


today it is my turn to show you the Tuesday- Tip.

And I would show you selfmade Paper- Buttons with Stamps or Punches.

At the picture below you can see what I need to do my buttons.

- Cardstock or Heavy Weight Paper

- Rubberstamps for the Buttons (Mushrooms [little], [big]; little feet and snowstars)

- Ink Pad

- Glue

- Crystal Lacquer or Utee for 3D

- scissors or cutter

- thread

1. Stamp the motif you need on the Cardstock, for 1Button 1x for 2Buttons 2x etc.

2. Cut out your motif ( I colored the first one).

3. Then glue the first one on the next piece of paper.

my uncolored version *lol* glue on the paper.

4. Cut the paper around your first motif .

Do this 3 or 4 times. You can use very well your remaining pieces.

for the little gras I'll take the cutter

and after 2 time gluing, I punch the little buttonholes.

Then ....glue, ....cut, ....glue, ....cut and take your Crystal Lacquer on the first motif.

Close up on the lacquerd button.

The same procedure by the punches.

1. Punch 3 or 4 pieces/ button.

Glue...., glue...., glue ;o)

punch the buttonholes ....

take the Crystal Lacquer on ....

and the individuell buttons are ready for your coming project

I wish you all a wonderful and joyfull Christmastime.

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