tisdag 13 december 2011

Tuesday tips

Today I, Päivi, thought I´ll show you how to make a very simple star. This don´t take much time to do and it is also perfekt to do with your children :)
First of all I draw this startemplet. Feel free to use this one if you don´t want to draw your own. Draw or print two of theese stars.

This is all you need for the star. Some cardboard/cardstock, stamp set "Set med 3 snöflingor" and a Ink pad.

After cutting out the star I used one of my snowflake stamps in the set "Set med 3 snöflingor"

Next step is to fold the star to get the "3D effect". You can se how I made the folding on the dashed line on the star templet. 

And then some doublesided tape or glue and just put together the two stars :) Do remember to put some kind of thread or something to hang the star up with before you put them together.

That´s all from me for this time. Have a beautiful day you all!

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