lördag 12 maj 2012

Project of the week

This week the theme for our project is Christening. We'll show you some different giftsuggestions all with different stamps from Stämpelkällan.

First out is Pysselfröken with a cute card, Babyknyte and Kyrkfönster put together:

Tesa made a beautiful picture with a personal little poem on the backside. The flower is a Pansy/Pensée and the background is a piece of fabric painted with acrylic paint.

Bic made a gift box with a pair of tiny shoes on top. On the tag she's stamped Blinka lilla stjärna. The template for the box you find here: http://sansdesign.se

Elli also made a gift box and used the same template =)
The stamps on here box are cirkel med swirlram mindre and Baby med nalle.

This is what the inside looks like with a small necklace on a piece of fabric.

I, Monica =), decorated a book ment to write down and remember all small adventures and big developments.
For the background I used a couple of different flowers:
Blomma dubbel, Prästkrage 1 and Prästkrage 2.

Enjoy your weekend!!
Hugs, Monica =)

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  1. WoW, snygga alster ni visar idag!! Mycket snygga askar och superfint hur Pysselfröken maskat ihop de två stämplarna!!


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