lördag 26 maj 2012

Project of the week!!!

Again it's saturday and time for our project of the week, and this time we've chosen pennants or bunting. And without further ado I give you the projects of our team:

Bili made the background using "Enkel Ros (A94)" and she used the sentiment "Mors Dag (T92)".

Cri-Kee made her pennant into a do-not-disturb doorhanger! She used the "In love (S46)" stamp...

Stempeltigger made a party invitation on which she used the "Pirate girl (S40)"

Jaana made a decoration banner to put on her son's graduation sign. She used this flower "Prästkrage 2 (A20a)".

Madame Ink made a name banner for Linnéa, her daughter. She used the splotches from "Klockbakgrund (A24)" and one of her favourite stamps "Swirl with flower to the left (A59)".

And I decided to join in this week too... :) I made a "happy summer" pennant, where I used the "banner (S99)" to write my sentiment.

The shape of the pennants used by Madame Ink and myself is designed by me and you can download the template here if you like it. Please leave us a comment if you like our work!!!

Happy crafting!

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