onsdag 5 september 2012

In the house of...


Today I am going to take you for a tour in the scrapping part of my house! :)

This is where I sit, it’s allot of stuff crammed in to a small place :) There is a reason for that; 1: we don’t have an extra room for me to make in to a scrap room and 2: I need to be able to shut a door to my scrap stuff or in this case shut a cupboard!

 Here are the reasons why i need to be able to close, they tend to be really interested in all my pretty stuff :) so I need to keep it all in a place where they don’t get to it when I’m not watching them. 

This is what it looks like when it’s all shut

 I also have I little table in another room with my printer and my Cameo

And a small closet with some shelf’s for the stuff I don’t use all the time

This is how I keep my stamps; I have them in plastic pockets the kind made for photos. I cut a piece of ordinary printer paper to fit the pocket stamped the stamp on it and then laminated it.

On the backside I put the stamp and then I slide the whole thing in to the pocket, works great for me I think

Here is a close-up at my workspace :) You can see what I’m up to right now, tiny pocket cards with brand new Stämpelkällan stamps called
If you want to see more of the new stamps follow this link and feast your eyes on them :)

I hope you enjoyed the tour
lots of love
Madam Ink

4 kommentarer:

  1. So fun to pay a visit in your scrap-corner!! Clever to be able to close the door -my husband would love that...

    Cute children but I can understand that you don't want them to play with your stuff....My sister-in-law missed that once -they had glitter ALL OVER the house for weeks, and I really mean everywhere including my brothers beard from time to time =))) The children thought it was pretty but no one else.....

  2. o va kul att få kika in hos dig! underbart fint och ordnat!

  3. jag gillar också att kika in i den lilla vrå, där dina mästerverk skapas !


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