onsdag 19 september 2012

In the house of .......


Today is my turn to show you a little bit of my stamping area *lol*.
At the moment it is a little space ;o( but I work on a bigger space (if my Hubby that already knows *LOL*) ;o). It is a little kitchentable in the together work room.

Here is the table where I work. OMG, look at this clean area (only for the picture *LOL* ;o}) 
on the left you can see my "stuff crate" and this and that.
Oh and the brown sky is my mega daylight lamp (a gift from the husband of a girl friend of my mother *hahaha*, it's fantastic!!)

On the left side is our computer (not on the picture) and on the right side the cabinet ( a little look on black wood ).
And the black box is my case for ....
 ... my Tombow's
 I love my Tombow's :o)
That's my area, but another "area" is the living room table (but that's a photo free zone).

And now I want to demonstrate my art to show you the safekeeping for my stamp
 It's laminated A5 paper, on the one side the print and on the other side the stamp and all in a drawer.

It is not a great tour, but I hope you liked it ;o).
Have a nice day and see you soon

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hej! Vilken fin hörna du har. Jag undrar vad det är för en låda som du har till dina tombow pennor. Jag använder dessa pennor med och har problem med hur jag ska förvara dom. Din lösning var ju super bra.

    Tack för en bra sida.

  2. Tack för titten! Det är så kul att se hur ni andra har det :)


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