onsdag 12 september 2012

In the house of

Welcome to my home and my scraproom. I have a large room just for crafting. In here, I spend much of my free time. This table is height adjustable and I bought it for a couple of weeks ago. Perfect for me who has back pain.
Here is a close up of my workspace and the projects I'm doing right now. The finished result, you will see another time. There is also a painted motive to another project on the table. The stamp I have used is "Pelargon, digi stamp" and it has been a free digi stamp of Stämpelkällan before. Now the motive is available as "Pelargon, stor" and "Pelargon, liten".
On the floor is my basket with the most important stuff ... pencils, punches, Dymo, washi tapes, sew easy, etc.
My scrap bag always stands beside the table and I use it to store various things, such as ribbon, lace and strings. I also keep my brads, charms, pins and eyelets in it. A box of punches and boxes of decorations also usually be in my bag.
At one wall, I have a double desk. The computer and printer are on one end of the table and at the other end I sit and create.
Here is a close up of my workspace at the desk and as you can see, I stamped up mine new stamp motives to my storage. Now they will be laminated and then put into storage folder, along with the other stamps from Stämpelkällan. I have used the stamps; "krukbuskar tillsammans", "student - tjej", "mur", "äppelkorg", "strån i tuva", "kalla", "flaska, liten", "kantarell, mindre", "litet bi", "banderoll 2" och "musikslinga".
I keep a lot of my decorations in empty candy boxes that I brought from the store. They are transparent and I like that. Moreover, they are free. If one breaks, then I just pick a new one.
On top of the shelf are my storage binders. The folder that is decorated, store my dies. The undecorated folders, keep my stamps. During shelf hangs an old spice rack I bought at auction, where I store some goodies.
Now you have seen how I have it ... and as you can see, I have plenty of room for crafting. Both for me and my crafting friends. I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Have a nice day!
Hugs Cri-Kee

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  1. Ååååh, så mycket plats för kreativa stunder, *avundsjuk* !

  2. ohhh gu såå fint!!!! jag e sååå avis på ditt bord!!!
    dels att det går att justera höjden! det skulle jag vilja ha men sen oxå så stort och fint att man lätt kan ha scrapvänner över! (eller barnen för den delen. hihi om så där 20 år när mina flyttat ut kanske jag kan få nå liknande ;)


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