tisdag 20 september 2011

Another homemade flower

This is one of my favourites at the moment: so easy to make! Not my own idea I have to admit, I've found it on the web.
Here we go, then.
You start by cutting a strip 30cm long and 4 or 4,5cm wide.

Then you take a very thin tape and attach the sides to each other as shown. Don't press the folding at the top, just leave it as it is.

Next step is to clip thin strips starting from the "folding-side", leave about half a cm unclipped.

Here comes the squishy part: roll it together and attach it with glue all the way.

Now it's supposed to look something like this! Here you can see that the folding is at the top.

Now you shape it by bending out all the little strips.

Two readymade flowers: the left one is 4,5cm wide at the start, the right one is 4cm wide. I also put stickles on the top of the strips even if it doesn't show very well, not at all actually =)

Here's a card with the flower made of a spotted paper. The cute little bear you find here: Ludde med skylt.
Wish you all a lovely day, Monica

4 kommentarer:

  1. Läcker blomma! Måste testas... :-)
    Kortet är supergulligt!!
    Kram, Pillan

  2. *wow* cool thank you :o))

  3. Vilket gulligt kort och fiffigt sätt att göra en blomma på :-))

  4. Åh, jag letar alltid efter nya sätt att göra blommor och de här var toppensnygga! :D


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