lördag 24 september 2011

project of the week/gift ideas for bottles

This week we've worked with some ideas on how to make a bottle look nicer when it's a gift. Soon it's time for glögg and gingerbread cookies and that's something to look forward to!! (yes I know that it's still only September, but soon...)

Let's have a look at what we've done:

Tesa made an absolutely supercool gift-wrapping for her bottle!!!
The tag, Tag rundad with Ett stort grattis, is also stamped on cloth.

Elli made a Christmas-inspired bottle-wrapping.
Here you find Set med tre snöstjärnor and God jul liten.

Bic made a box for her home-made must.
The apple is a part of Kunskapens äpple.

Jennifer put Svamphus, stamp of the week, on her wrapping.
Click on the green text and leave a comment before tomorrow if you want to win a house of your own. Perhaps you're the lucky one!!

Christina has made her own must just like Bic!
On her wrapping you find Sans svamp, Sans svamp liten and Äppelkorg.

On the backside she used string to keep the wrapping in place. Looks nice I think.

I, Monica, made an uncomplicated decoration, perfect for all time optimists =)
I just glitter-embossed Tag med swirlar and added some colour.

Wish you all a lovely weekend and welcome back soon!!

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  1. Vilka superläckra flaskor ni gjort tjejer!!
    Kram Mia


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