söndag 8 januari 2012


Now that we're well into the new year we are going to have a DT-call. Our Nettan has decided to leave us, and we are looking for a replacement...  One person to fill her shoes. We are also looking for three people to be our Guest DT's during March through May. Whaddaya say? ;)

Here's what we are looking for in a regular DT:
  • You should have your own blog (that you actually use and update).
  • You will participate in our team projects, that's two projects every three weeks (Stamp of the Week and Project of the Week).
  • You will make a sketch and a tuesdaytip 3-4 times/year.
  • Sometimes we have something extra, like a challenge or a bloghop, and you should be able to make inspirational items for at least some of them.
  • And of course you must display our banners on your blog and advertise us (goes without saying, doesn't it?)

What we want from our Guest DT's:
  • You should have your own blog.
  • You will participate in our team projects, that's two projects every three weeks (Stamp of the Week and Project of the Week).
  • You will make a GDT-post every third Thursday. 
  • If you have the possibility to make some inspirational items for our occasional challenge or bloghop, that would be appreciated.
  • And of course you too must display our banners on your blog and advertise us.

What you will get from us; You will get your own DT-badge and a watermark for your images. You will get a lot of free rubber stamps, and a whoppin' 50% discount in the shop during your DT-period! And you have a chance of making a lot of new friends. :D

Now here's what we'd like you to do;
  • Make a project using one of our stamps, the digi freebies will do just fine too. It should represent your style of crafting. We do have a lot of inspiration right here on the blog if you need it; have a look at our sketch book...
  • Once you've made the project, blog it! Use our banner (available on the right) to link to us (to show extra effort, link to the shop as well!).  ;)
  • Come back here and leave us a link so that we may find you and your project.
  • The deadline is Sunday the 29th of January!
We are welcoming people from all around the world!

16 kommentarer:

  1. Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.

  2. Jag vill va med!!!!


  3. Jag skulle gärna gästa er!

  4. Thank you - she's really sweet.

  5. Thanks for the cutest sheep.

  6. Jag trivs så bra hos er så jag fortsätter gärna!! :-)


    Kram, Pillan

  7. Nu har jag lagt upp ett kort i min blogg. Vill gärna vara med och slåss om en av platserna.

  8. Nu har jag lagt upp ett kort i min blogg. Vill gärna vara med och slåss om en av platserna.

  9. Oj, nu har jag gjort det... ett kort ... och bloggat om det... och ansöker :O)


  10. Jag gör också ett försök och har gjort ett kort med den söta digitala stämpeln som ni bjuder på. Kortet är bloggat inne hos mej nu, så välkomna in och titta!


  11. Ja, då har jag också gjort det...en ansökan med ett kort, och jag har lagt ut det på min blogg. Jag använde mig av den digitala freebien. :)

  12. Skoj! Jag vill gärna ingå i ert designteam. Hos mig hittar ni en layout och ett kort...


  13. Det här lät så roligt och intressant att jag var tvunget att anmäla mig. Min LO hittar ni här:



  14. Okay I'm not sure where the time change comes in but my Internet was out and I haven't been able to publish this until just now! Hope I still can be considered for the DT!! I LOVE your stamps. Thanks!


  15. Ja den här chansen vill man ju inte missa!
    Å äntligen efter en hel hög med datorstrul kommer nu min länk till min blogg här.....


    Håller tummar å tår=)



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