lördag 14 januari 2012

Project of the week

Hi all!!

This week we wanted to show what you could bring if you are going to a dinner party/party/coffee and cake or just visiting and don’t want to come empty-handed to a friend! :).

Ok lets go!

First up is Cattiegirl
She used the stamp of the week texthjärta

 Bili used the stamps Du är en ängel, blomma med spröt och blomma med spröt mindre

Stempeltigger put tag with swirl on her jar of lemon/sugar/olive oil scrub

 Jaana also used tag with swirl and for her lid she used swirl med blomma åt vänster and the textstamp njut av varje ögonblick

 Maiden made a bottle tag and used the stamp text med ros.

Last out is me Madam Ink I made this little bag that you can fill with lots of different goodies. I made a load for Christmas and gave them to family members those I filled with sachets of chocolate powder and marshmallows :) For this one I used the stamp blomsterswirl

I hope you found some inspiration in our projects. See you back soon.

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