tisdag 31 januari 2012


Today I'll show you how to make
simple backgrounds with watercolours.

I've used watercolour-pencils for my first card.
Just stamp your image on any white, ( or coloured ), paper,
with any waterproof dye.

I used 3 shades of my favourite colour,
and gently coloured over the stamped image.

Grab a water-pen or a brush
and slightly wet the colours,
til they meet.

And here is the finished card !

The result depends on which
quality the paper has,
so just dare to experiment !

In my next card I used my daughters watercolours.
You see; everything works, it doesn't have to
be some expensive colours,
( and Distress-ink also works ! )

This one is messy,
so cover the surface under your paper.

Use a lot of water in a brush  or a water-pen.
Pick up colour, a lot of that too,
and just splash it over the paper,
with help from your fingers, if needed.

Try using shades of one colour
or mix them however you like.

These are the cards I made
with this technique:

Please leave your link in the comments,
if you use one of these techniques,
I'd really like to see your creation !

( Used stamps: "Mc glidare"


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