tisdag 17 januari 2012

Tuesday tip

Today I'll show you how to make a pop-up-card. On this one you find Idun with braid and Sans mushroom.

This is what it looks like when you open it. The message is Hipp hipp hurra.

In the tutorial I've used some other papers....hope you still see what I mean!
I suppose it looks a bit hard, but cut out the pieces and give it a try -easier than you think! The measurements is inches, not centimeters!

Start with the background-piece (5 3/8*4). Score/fold one side at 1,5 inches and add tape.

Attach the long sliding wrap at the middle of the background-piece just below the folding-line. Add tape at one end of the sliding wrap.

Here I show how to attach the pop up front piece (2 1/2 * 1 1/2 inch). I've put tape on the backside of the tab (folding is at 0,5 inch).

Here I've put tape on both tabs at the smallest part (0,5 *1,5 inch, folded at 0,5 inch both sides)
You can see that I attach it just below the folding-line on the pop up front piece.

Here I fold it back. If you look close you see the tape on the top of the little tab. This small piece will support the pop up part when you open the card.

Now I fold the background-piece forward (the dotted one) to make it stick on the tape of that little part I attached on the picture before this.

This is how it's supposed to look so far if you've managed to follow my instructions =)

Here I've put the blue CS from the very first picture (5 1/2 * 4 1/2 inches) in place behind the dotted background. At the bottom they are even but at all other sides you see a small part of the blue CS. At this point I'm just holding it in place, no tape. Still holding it in place I turn it all around.
I fold the sliding wrap as close to the CS as possible and put the sliding wrap together with the tape from before. The blue CS now slides easy, kept in place only by the sliding wrap.

Here I've removed the blue CS again when punching out half a circle at the bottom of the sliding wrap.
Before you put the blue CS back again, stamp a message. I've used Grattis this time.

Now there's just one part left: the backside-support (2 3/4 * 1 inch, folded at 0,5 inch both sides). Put tape in the tabs but the tape on one of the tabs should be on opposite side!

I attach it about an inch from the top on the CS behind the dotted background-piece (it's red on the backside) Now there's supposed to be tape on top of the tab that's "in the air". Put the little backside-support flat to the CS and fold the background-piece back again, over it, to make it stick.

Now the pop up card is supposed to work and all that is left is to choose a cute Stämpelkällan-stamp to put on the front-panel. Some more decorations would be nice too I think!
The first pics show a card made just like this and on Wednesday I'll show you how this one turned out when finished.
Sooo, anyone who wants to give it a try??? I'd love to see some more pop up cards!!

See you on Wednesday! // Monica

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