måndag 16 januari 2012

Sketch to inspire

Hello everybody!

Today it's my turn to show you a sketch.
I often find myself more creative when using a sketch, it's fun to see where it leads me =) How about you, do you often use sketches?

Well, this is what I made for you:

Here is a birthday card I made from the sketch. It's for my godchild and she's already five?!! Time has a habit of moving a bit faster than me I think =)

It's just perfect that the cake has exactly five candles, don't you think?! The lovely "Trolla med tårta" you find HERE!

If you come back tomorrow I'll show you a fun way to fold a card!
Bye for now // Monica =)

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  1. What a great card, perfect for a little 5 year old! Love the sketch. I snagged the cute little lamb freebie, thank you for sharing. :)


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