söndag 31 juli 2011

Winner of the stamp of the week!

We have a winner!
Oh yes...
And the winner of the stamp S8 - Flower with leaves and hearts this week is...


"Det var en väldigt fin stämpel, den skulle man ju tom kunna använda som julstämpel."

Please e-mail Annika (annica@stampelkallan.com) with your adress (put "Stamp of the week winner - S8 blomma med löv och hjärtan" as topic) and she'll send you the stamp.

Have you seen by the way that there's a sale in the shop? There's a whoppin' 50% discount on a lot of stamps to make room for new ones coming this fall! Shop 'til you drop, people!

You also have a chance of ordering your very own personal stamp! Read more about that here...

There's still a couple of hours left until the deadline for our guest DT-call. We've gotten a lot of great contributions, I've just got to remind everyone about the rules: Use one of our stamps, and put a link to us on your sidebar on your blog!!!

Tomorrow we'll be checking out all of your projects and than the hard work of deciding will begin! ;)
Hopefully we'll have some new team members by next sunday!

lördag 30 juli 2011

Project of the week - Moneybox

We all need to save a little something, right? So why not make a pretty little moneybox for our savings? This is what we have done to inspire you this week!

Let's show you the DT's work right away!!!

Here's a little piggybank, literally! The little pig in papier mache has been decorated with quite a lot of stamps...
Sentiment: lycka till, swirlig (T45)
Horse shoe (A27)

A Pringles can has got a new life as a moneybox...
Butterfly (A61)

She made a little box with an easily removable lid... (I don't know if that's good when it comes to saving money though...! ;)
Owlcouple (K13)

She altered a Prima Flower jar that she wants to use when she puts her cards out for sale at work!

Lilla Jag
She did an altered tin for her extravaganzes... :)

I also altered a tin, mine used to have sweets in it and it had a plastic lid, perfect for cutting a slit into... I wanted somewhere to put my money that I make selling my cards, so that I can use it to buy crafty little things...
San's tag (S53)

That was all from us today, we hope that you've enjoyed our little project and that you perhaps have gotten a few ideas of you own?
Take care!

fredag 29 juli 2011

Stamp of the week!

On Sunday (July 31st) we'll be giving this stamp away to one lucky reader:
And as usual, all you have to do to have a chance to win it is leave a comment BEFORE SUNDAY!

Also as usual we in the design team have done our best to create something with this stamp to inspire you and make you want it! ;)

She made a very CAS (Clean And Simple) card in summer colours for you

She also used the stamp "Grattis, mörk bakgrund (T108)".

She used the stamp as a background stamp, together with the "Heart with leaves - small (S7a)", and the sentiment "Från mitt hjärta (T62)".

Lilla Jag:
She used it multiple times on the front, embossed in white, and then again on the inside. She also used "Vine with swirls (S9)".

She also used the stamp to make her own background, and then stamped the sentiment "Tillykke (D11)"

I used the stamp as a main image and used the sentiment "För långt borta för en kram (T63)".

I'd also like to remind you all that we are running a DT-call for our next guest designer period, there are still a few days left to apply and please do!!!

Don't forget to leave us a comment, and good luck everyone!

torsdag 28 juli 2011

On your weddingday!

I have made a weddingcard in the colours white and cream (light brown). I used the beautiful rosestamp from Stämpelkällan and the most wonderful textstamp Annies song by John Denver. I have always loved that song, even today it gives me goosebumps.

onsdag 27 juli 2011

Kort till tvillingar

Ikväll har jag fått detta kort färdigt, fick riktigt tänka till då jag skulle göra ett kort till tvillingar.
Jag använde mig av stämpeln "Baby-Knyte" och stämplade upp 3 st, klippte ut varje baby för sig och rosetten sist. Jag tycker det blev väldigt bra.
Har även använt stämpeln "Klockbakgrund". Har färglagt dom med akvarellpennor. Båda är flickor så färgen lila är väl använd.


Onsdag kväll och min första arbetsvecka efter en härlig semester, ja, lite pyssel fick det allt bli.
Jag har använt en lite nyare grattis-stämpel. Den är superfin tycker jag! Ramen är en av de motiv som nu säljs till halva priset. Ett litet fynd helt enkelt!
Ramen har jag embossat och texten sitter på 3D-kuddar. Blommorna är modifierade Retropunch-blommor á la Tesa.

Ha en fortsatt gó kväll!
Monica =)

Hjärtliga Gratulationer

Hej, trevlig onsdag på er alla. Jag har suttit och lekt med distresser. Jag använde mig av stämplarna; "Hjärtliga gratulationer" och "14.Klockbakgrund" lite blommor, spets och lite blad av en bibel, på dessa har jag klackelerat, har även använt mig av en utstansad fjäril.

Så här blev resultatet.

House card

I made a card with this lovely stamp Höghus S109 Sans Design. As you can see I didn't put any text on the card, I will do that later on when I know what I will use it for. It's perfect to have some cards ready in case you will need one fast and there is no time to make one.

Have a nice Wednesday!

Hugs guest-dt Lilla jag

Personlig Stämpel!

Nu kan du beställa din egen personliga stämpel hos oss.

Vi vill ha din beställning senast den 15 augusti via mail till: annika@stampelkallan.com

Du mailar in en skiss på det motiv du önskar beställa, är det en text du vill ha så maila innehåll, storlek och typsnitt. Kostnaden är 150kr per yta på 5x5cm. När vi sett till att ditt önskemål är färdigt för tryck mailar vi dig betalningsinformation, beställningen betalas i förskott senast den 17 augusti och levereras till dig i slutet av augusti.
Titta också in i vår webshop där kan du nu göra fynd med 50% rabatt på massor av stämplar....

Now you can order your very own personal stamp!
We would like your order by August 15th by e-mail; annika@stampelkallan.com
E-mail us a sketch of what you'd like to order, if it's a sentiment, let us know the text, size and font. The cost is 150SEK per two square inch. Once we've prepped your order, we will e-mail you with the cost. Pay by August 17th, and we'll deliver your stamp to you by the end of August!
Make sure to stop by the webshop, where we are having a 50% sale on a lot of stamps, to make room for new ones!!!

tisdag 26 juli 2011

Tuesday Tip by Elli: Swing card

Hello and welcome to my Tuesday Tip! Today I am going to show you how to make a Swing card. It is a fun fold and easy to make. I will write the measurements in both cm and inches so you can choose wich one you want to use.

Start by cutting a piece of cardstock in 14 x 17,2 cm (5-1/2"x 6-3/4").

Place the paper with the long side upwards in the paper trimmer if you have one with a scoring blade. Otherwise use ruler and scoring tool.
At 7 cm (2-3/4") score 3,2 cm (1-1/4") in from both the top and bottom edge.
And at 10,2 cm (4") score again 3,2 cm (1-1/4") in from top and bottom edge. Now it should look like this:

Turn the cardstock and place it in the paper trimmer. Now use the cutting blade.
At 10,8 cm (4-1/4") line the blade up at 3,5 cm (1-3/8") and cut down to the score line.
Then keep the paper in the same place and line the blade up at 13,7 cm (5-3/8") and cut up to the other score line.
Turn the paper and repeat this step on the other side. Then it looks like this:

Place the cardstock again with the long side upwards in the paper trimmer.
At 3,5 cm (1-3/8") cut between the two lines already cut.
Turn the paper and repeat this step on the other side and it looks like this:

Then fold like this:

And then decorate as you like :)

This is my finished card where I used the stamp Idag ska du firas:

This is a swing card I made a while ago:

It is a bit bigger than the first one to make room for the stamp San med blomsterbukett. And also I cut the design paper so that it covers most of the card. It takes a bit more measuring and cutting but looks nice I think.

That´s all from me for now! Hope my tip will be useful.


måndag 25 juli 2011

Monday sketch by Elli

This week it is my turn to give you the Monday sketch and it looks like this:

And here is the card I made:

I used the beautiful stamp Lilja from Stämpelkällan.


söndag 24 juli 2011

Winner of the Stamp of the week!

And the one we'd like to send the Jeppe-stamp to is...

Johanna 1978
"Bra inspirations alster. Blev sugen på den här stämpeln :) "

Congratulations! Please send your adress to annika@stampelkallan.com and put "Vinnare veckans stämpel; Jeppe krya på dig" as topic.

And I'd like to remind everyone that we are having a GDT-call!!! You still have a week to enter!

lördag 23 juli 2011

Veckans projekt: shaker-box

This week me and some of my DT-friends have been playing with shaker-boxes. It's a fun way to decorate your crafting!
We've mostly used pearls in our boxes but everything goes: candy, paperclips, tinsel, rice/pasta or coins perhaps. Only your imagination and of course the size of the box is the limit =)

Now it's showtime!

Tesa made a five-angled box with lots and lots of small flowers on the lid. In the box she stamped "Hipp hipp hurra" and filled the shakerbox with pearls. So pretty with all the flowers and a perfect giftbox!

Pippin made a summer-card with sweet "Vera på bryggan". She put Vera in the box and filled it with water-like pearls and tinsel. She also painted a beautiful sky behind Vera!

Elli made her daughter a cute little jewellery box. On the lid you find "Fideli med trollspö".
Can't be too much pink and glitter when it comes to small ladies I think!

Here comes a closer look at Fideli and the pink pearls in the shaker-box.

Bic made a card for a brand new baby. She used "Baby-knyte", "Grattis till bäbisen" and the stains from "Klockbakgrund" around the edges. I like how she put crackle accents around half the blue circle!

I made a small card, only 10*10cm. In the box you find "Njut av varje ögonblick". I filled the box with micropearls, glitter and sugarpearls, the ones meant to put on cakes or ice-cream.

As you can see the shaker-box is attached to the card with the help of magnetic tape. Under the box I stamped "Du gör mej glad". The magnetic tape was a bit too black so I put a flowery tape on top of it =).

If you wish you can put the shaker-box as a reminder on the refrigerator. A suitable message I think!

Never forget to enjoy every moment!!!!!
Hugs, Monica =)

fredag 22 juli 2011

Vinn veckans stämpel! /stamp of the week

Even if it's the middle of summer and most of you are busy having vacation I guess, it's still friday!!
That means we're going to give you the chance to win a stamp again =)
Same procedure as always: just leave us a comment! On sunday we'll tell you who this weeks' lucky winner is.
Well, the stamp this time is "Jeppe, krya på dej".

Now some pics to show you what the DT-team has created:

Bic has altered a sandwich-box. Now this is where she keeps her plaster, painkillers and stuff.

I made a "hope you feel better-card", a round one instead of my usual 15*15 =)

Here comes another "feel better-card", made by Pippin. Clever to decorate with some bandage, don't you think?!

Elli made a box for plaster, perfect for the handbag or as a gift perhaps!

Here's the opposite side.

Tesa also made a box, but for paper napkins instead. So much nicer to keep them this way I think!
This is how it looks when closed.

Now it's your turn: just to leave us a comment and hope for some luck =)

I also want to remind you that we're looking for six new guest-DTs!!
How to enter the call you find HERE!
It's great fun, so give it a try!!!

Enjoy summer!!