onsdag 30 november 2011


Här har jag använt: Vera poserar (C28), Vera på väg till kalas (C9), Vera åker rutschbana (C4), krukbuskar tillsammans ( (S23) som jag maskade bakom staketet (A2), krukbuske 3 (S22), krukbuske 2 (S21) krukbuske 1 (S20) och Vera tar ett fotbad (C27) som jag ritade till en klänning på.... Varje termin så får jag i uppdrag att göra ett tack-kort till Vanja som leder Linedancen som mina mamma går på varje vecka... Det börjar bli svårt att komma på nya ideer vid det här laget... men....  de här damerna fick symbolisera alla de olika människorna som ingår i en sån grupp och Vera åker rutschbana fick symbolisera lekfullheten i dansandet.... får väl se hur det går nästa terminavslut.... oj oj....

kramar Bing

God Jul

Hej! Jag använde mallarna från grungeboarden och ritade av g och j på ett akvarellpapper, fyllde i med svart penna, färgla med distress och klippte ut..... Ljusen kommer ifrån juldekoration i skål (J78)... den och jultomtens fötter (J74) maskade jag in i hålen som finns i g:et.... klippte sedan ut "överblivet" papper, stämplade tomtens fötter och klistrade fast utan på.... Andra stämplar jag använt: den lilla tomten från tomtelandskapet (J91), vinterflicka (C33), snöklädd gran (J85b), snöklädd gran (J85), jultomtens fru (J52), julgris som sitter (J38), gröt (J89), lyktstolpe (A111) och rosetten kommer ifrån julkrans med swirls (J26)... Jag stmplade upp allt och färglade, klippte ut och placerade ut dem där jag tyckte att de passade... Det blev lite rörigt men jag hoppas att ni lyckades hänga med....

kramar Bing


Has left a bag of brown paper which I then decorated with the test and subjects. The background is distress. Fönster, litet, and gris are colored with ProMarker pen. Text "Till en ...." and gräs is stamped with Versa Fine. Green letters and the fence is cut-out.
Now, the bag filled with candy .....


First out is a card to a laughing, redhaired woman that loves turquoise. I hope she likes it!

Beautiful Vera som Suprisedam with Puffy Velvet as cream, and put on 3D-cusions.

On the inside you find Ett stort grattis.

The next card is a bit smaller, don't remember the size though.

The stamps I used are Kille med armarna i kors, Klockbakgrund and Grattis grafitti.

Here's a closer look at the text: I think it turned out quite nice covered with Crackle accents. I also put a "glass-button"/sort of homemade pebbles to mark the number six.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

I have used the stamps
Julvätte, flicka and En riktigt god jul..

Hugs Tesa

Card for a boy

Good morning! I thought I would show you a card I did for a friend who recently had a baby boy. It is a swing card and I used three stamps on it: Bubben, Text Välkommen till världen swirlig and Blomster liten.

If you want to make a swing card, take a look at my tutorial I made here on Stämpelkällan. You can find it here!

Have a nice day!


Advent calendar

Third day of our advent calendar and let's see what stamp is hiding behind the window today!

Find it in the shop and write it down! If you don't know why, go to the first day of the advent calendar to read the rules on how to participate!

tisdag 29 november 2011

Using Utee

Hi again!

It´s time for "tuesday-tips" :-) My favorite technique for the stamps are embossing / utee. I´m not so good at coloring so I use this method often. This is what you need:

First I stamped with "Julkula med en stjärna" using clear embossing pad and then I poured clear utee over;

Next step is to put postit notes around the piece of paper. Here you can see that I have used the heating tool over the utee powder, but since its clear its kind of hard to see yet! ;-)

Now to the funniest part, using different colors of distressers and working over all over the paper, and over the stamped motiv. You can see how the ornament now stands out clearly.

The last things to do to finishing up the card, a piece of cardstock, the "God Jul och Gott Nytt År" text and a couple of pears to make it shine nice! :-)

I hope you like to try it! :-) Hugs, Maiden

Advent calendar

It's the second day of our advent event and here's the second stamp that I wan't you to find in the shop! Take a look at yesterday's post to see the rules and what you need to do to participate!

måndag 28 november 2011

Sketch by Maiden

Hi and hello! :-)

This week its my, Maidens, turn to bring you a sketch to get inspired by;

I have made two cards to inspire you. Its two friends of mine just having babies so I made two different card with the cute stamp "baby knyte". The first card I´ve made looks like this:

The second card I have made is also inspired by the sketch, but i changed it a little bit;

Have a wonderful week! Lots of love, Maiden.

Advent calendar

Yes, I know we're a bit early, but it will even out when we arrive at Christmas!
It's the first day today, and I'll explain what I want you to do...

Look at the image below; more precisely - look in the window! A stamp will appear and I want you to find that stamp in the shop, write down the article number (and please don't blurt it out in the comments) and hang on to it. Then come back tomorrow and do the same. On Saturday you'll get the last stamp for the week and when you have found them all, I wan't you to add the article numbers together and email me the sum. On Sunday one of you all will be presented as the lucky winner of six new stamps!

Good luck and remember to come back tomorrow for the next one!!!

söndag 27 november 2011

We have a winner!!!

Time to announce the winner of cute Idun with braid!
As usual my friend "Random.org" has assisted =) This is what he came up with:

The winner this week is

evalena sa...

Fina alster

Please email Annika you adress (annika@stampelkallan.com) and put "Winner: Idun med fläta" as you email topic.

Advent calendar 2011

Hello all!
Tomorrow our Advent event will start!
Be sure to stop by and check out the prizes we have for you in our calendar this year!
See you then!!! :D

lördag 26 november 2011

project of the week/candyboxes for the X-mas tree

Today it's the day before 1st of Advent. In the team we're beginning to get a lot of Christmas-feelings =) To inspire you a bit we've made small boxes to fill with candy and put in the Christmas tree!

Christina made a cute Christmas cracker. I bet you can put a lot of candy in that one!
She's decorated the cracker with Julkrans med swirls.

Jennifer has made a colourful box for her tree:
She put Paket på hög on her box.

I, Monica, made a very small Christmas house:
The house is decorated with Hörne snirkligt, Gröt het and God jul snirklig

Elli has braided a heart-shaped basket:
She used one of the stars from set med tre snöstjärnor.

Tesa made three boxes:
The light blue box is made of plastic. The patterned paper is inside the box and decorated with O helga natt. On the red box you find a part of God jul och gott nytt år and Blomma med spröt. Finally, on the Christmas cracker you find God jul gotisk.

We wish you all a peaceful 1st of Advent!

fredag 25 november 2011

stamp of the week/veckans stämpel

Friday again and time for us to have the draw of the week!!
This time we'll send the cute "Idun with braid" to a lucky winner! To have the chance to win you just have to leave a comment below before Saturday, 23.59 at the latest. On Sunday at around 19.00 the winner will be announced.

The team has as usual made some things to inspire you -we hope you'll enjoy them!

First out is Jennifer, one of our GuestDTs:
She's made a cute wall-decoration, or perhaps it'll find its way to the Christmas tree!

Tesa made Idun Santas' little helper! She is so pretty sitting on the beautiful wreath.
God Jul and Jultomtens fru (the cap) you still find in the shop. I'm sure you have seen that until the 27th of November you get 30% discount on all Christmas stamps?!!

Elli made a cute card suitable for a birthday or perhaps just to make someone happy!
She's put Idun on a stone wall.

The inside

I, Monica, made a kind of pop-up-card:
I put Idun on a mushroom.

When you pull the string a message is shown: Hipp hipp hurra!

Finally Christina made a very girly but still cheeky card:
We hope you'll be back tomorrow to look at our "Project of the week"!!!

torsdag 24 november 2011

Matchbox and bookmarks by Gdt essmo....

Hello !
Today it´s my day to show you a couple of things that I have done with Stämpelkällans wonderful stamps! 
I have made a big matchbox, using 4 small =)
I decorated it with handmade paper and I used Klockbakgrund and Text med ros. I stamped one extra rose and embossed it with gold. A perfect gift, dont You think?! =)
I have also made 2 bookmarks, using Klockbakgrund  (Yes, it is my favorite ;)) and Blomstergirlang med hjärta i mitten. If you like hearts and swirls you should check this out; Klick here to se more in the shop.  

That´s all from me, thanx for looking, 
hugs essmo =)

onsdag 23 november 2011

Tealight card

Today I have made a tealightcard and the stamps I have used are:

A lot of glitter and glimmer mist on this one:-)

Hugs Gry

Två julkort

Hej alla! Konstigt nog har jag inte maskat en enda liten grej på det här kortet, ovanligt för att vara mig.... Men jag har istället stämplat, färglagt, klippt ut och monterat... Det är också väldigt roligt... Stämplarna jag använt är: Julgris som sitter (J38), jultomtens fru (J52), snöklädd gran mellan (J67a), snöklädd gran liten (J67b), staket (A2), tunna (A116), äpplekorg liten (A74) och vinterflicka ( C33)....

Här har jag maskat tomtelandskapet (J91) och så maskade jag in mellangranen (J67a) bakom.... allra längst fram klippte jag ut tre granar på varje sida och satte två av dem på kuddar....

Kramar Bing


Har gjort några enkla småkort, 6 x 10 cm, att använda till t ex en blomgrupp eller litet paket, julklapp?
Motivet som använts och färglagts med promarker penna är Grankvist med hängande hjärta,
Översta kortet med rödrutiga kanten är klippt med mönstersax, något jag läste igår är på väg tillbaka. Texten på nedersta kortet har fått snöpuff på sig.

Hoppas detta gett lite insiration till julpysslet och ev en liten kik in i shopen där det är 30 % rabatt på alla julstämplar, som finns kvar.
Titta själv in tidigare idag och såg att en del tyvärr är slut, så skynda fynda.

Tomte på skorsten

 A step-Card cards with Tomte på skorsten, color added with distress. Fir trees decorated with glitterlim and emboss with white text. Some snow stars with a rhinestone in the middle.

On the back of the card has space for a greeting.

tisdag 22 november 2011

Tuesday tip/Tutorial

Todays tips is an free standing pop-up card.

Score the 4 1/4 x 11" piece of cardstock at 1", 2 3/4", 3 3/4", 5 1/2", 7 1/4", 8 1/4" and 10".

Make a mark about 1/2" from both sides of the 5 1/2 line.

Cut a slit for the tag.

Cut out your tag so it fits the slit. My tag is 3 1/4" x 5".

Apply double-sided tape on the the end of the base.

And on the other end of the base.

Slide your tag into the slit.

Attach the tape to the tag, as shown.

A close-up.

Do the same on the other side.

Now it´s ready.

The card fold flat.

Here is the card decorated with paper and stamps. I do this before i attach the tape to the tag.

Fold flat.

I have used the following stamps:

Hugs Tesa