måndag 31 oktober 2011

Skiss v.44

Här kommer en skiss från mig. Jag har använt Svamphus (A72), Sans svamp (S52) och Sans svamp-liten (S52a). Även texten En härlig årstid (T23) fick vara med på ett hörn.

Ha en trevlig måndag allihop och njut av hösten!

söndag 30 oktober 2011

Winner !!!

And this week also,
we have a winner....





Scrap, pyzzel och mat

Please email Annika you adress (annika@stampelkallan.com), and put "winner: "Livet är som en gunga")" as you email topic.

fredag 28 oktober 2011

Stamp of the week

This may, ( or maby not...), come as a surprise to you all,
but today we are giving you an opportunity to win one of "Stämpelkällans" stamps ! :-)

This time it's the text "Livet är som en gunga", ( T55 ), we are giving away.
Just leave a comment before Saturday 23.59. The winner will be drawn on sunday.

Now lets see what the team has created with it:

torsdag 27 oktober 2011

GDT Jennifer's Feelin' Funky!

 Hi there!  Guest Design Team Member Jennifer here with 4 projects today!  First up I did a Happy Birthday Tag with a little distressing with Mocha Smooch.  I painted part of the packages and bows with a combo of leftover Smooch and Ranger Alcohol Inks.
 Fr=or this tag I got a little FUNKY with some Tattered Angels.  I stamped over top of a Celebrate pre-made tag and then finished it off with Tattered Angels.
 I was running low on Birthday Cards and MISC smaller paper crafts so I continued with the Birthday theme but used a different stamp!  I LOVE this stamp!  Perhaps it's the hippie in me! LOL I tye-dyed the background with various Ranger Inks and stamped on top...this was done on leftover photo paper, too!
And I wanted to use this cute lil dragon so I used some blue Ranger Inks smeared and lightened and stamped on top of that, cropped, cornered, mounted, and added embellies for a card.

Swing by my blog today if you can.  I'm located HERE.  Thanks for visiting!

onsdag 26 oktober 2011

Tea box


My mom asked me if I could make a tea box that she wanted to give to a friend for her birthday, so I made this one for her. Tesa made the original template and it can be found HERE. I used the stamp Kram på dig from Stämpelkällan.

Have a nice evening!


Christmas card

I have used the stamps:

Window (A100)
christmasgirl (J33)
X-text (J46)

Love Bing

Happy Birthday card

I have used the stamps:

Vera (C6)
Verner (C22)
Pot ( S21)
Pot (S22)
Pots ( S23)
Fence (A2)
Window (A100)

Love Bing

stamped art

For this picture did I used then stamps:

Vera in bathtub (C5)
Window (A31)
Window (A52)
Bottle small (C18)
computerboy (S50)

The cabinet is made from the window (A31)
and the stool is a part from computerboy...
The carpet did I make myself...

Love Bing

tisdag 25 oktober 2011

TuesdayTip/Tutorial - Baby buggy

Hi all

It’s time for my Tuesday tip and that is a tutorial for a baby buggy :) Hope you understand it and that you will have fun making one!
(note DP= design paper and cs= cardstock)

First, the tools you will need are:
Bone folder
Border punch
Score tool
Needle or something sharp to make holes for the brads
Cuttlebug or similar
Double sided tape
Cutting machine
Scalloped circle spellbinder or similar
Circle spellbinder or similar (3 different sizes)

Materials you will need are:
1 scalloped circle in cs (I used the biggest in the spellbinder pack if you don’t have that the circles diameter is 9,5 cm)
1 circle in cs that is 8,9 cm in diameter
1 circle in DP that is 8,9 cm in diameter
4 circles in cs that is 3,8 cm in diameter
4 circles in DP that is 3,2 cm in diameter
6 pieces measuring 3x17 cm in cs
1piece measuring 4x17 cm in cs
7 Pieces measuring 1x17 cm in DP
1 piece measuring 9x14 cm in cs
1 Piece measuring 9x10 cm in cs
Save all the scrap pieces that you get because some of the pieces like the handles and the pillow and cover are made from them, I don’t have any measurements for them so you do a size you find suitable.
You will also need a piece of lace and a wood stick of some sort for the handle (I used bbq skewers) 2 bigger brads for the canopy and 4 small for the center of the wheels. 

Start with taking the piece that is 9x14 cm and score the long sides at 1 cm in (don’t score the short sides like I accidently did :))

Put double sided tape on the scored sides on the backside of the cs

Cut little triangles out like the picture shows.

Take the 3 different big circles and fold them in half, use a bone folder to get a nice crisp line.

Cut after the fold line so you get 6 half circles.

Take the half circle in cs and start attaching the 9cmx14 cm piece.

This is how it looks when you attached both sides (like a little boat :))

Put double sided tape on all DP circles and half circles.

Attach the small circles of DP on the small cs circles and the half circles in DP on the scalloped half circle in cs.

 Put the small brads in the center of the small circles.
And attach the half circles on the "boat" part
Use glue to put the small circles on the "boat".

Take your 6 pieces that is 3x17 and your 4x17cm and use your border punch (the width of these can vary depending on what kind of punch you have I used a Martha Stewart and they take away quite a bit of the edge if you use any other punch that don’t take away so much of the edge make the strips smaller to begin with) The 4x17 cm you punch on both sides the other ones you only punch on one side.

Put some double sided tape on the 7 pieces DP measuring 1x17 cm and attach them to the pieces you just used the border punch on.

Use your needle and make a hole through all of the strips remember to put the strip that are punched on both sides on top. Put your bigger brads in those holes to keep all strips together.

Spread the strips out until you think it looks like a canopy (you can use some force :) so don’t be to careful)

Put glue or tape around the edge of the buggy and put some lace there.

Make a hole on the side of the buggy this is for the canopy so you might want to hold the canopy against the buggy to see where about you should make the hole.

Use the same brad that you put through the strips to go through the buggy also.

Do the same on both sides. this can be a little tight to get the brads where they are suppose to be but again moderate force can be applied :) You also need to shape the canopy when its put on so that it gets that round look instead of a kind of cone look that it could have when you first put-on. This may also feel a bit brutal when you are doing it but don’t be too careful. The paper can take more than you think :)

Now you should have something looking like a buggy just the finishing touches left. Take your 9x10 piece of cs and score at 1 cm in on all four sides.

Cut away squares in the corners and fold up all sides, use the bone folder to get crisp folds

Put glue on all four sides.

And put it in the buggy as the floor. This will hide the brads and make the buggy a bit sturdier.

Cut 2 pieces for the handles (no particular sizes) round of the edges on 1 side and make 1 hole in each.

Glue them on the inside of the buggy.

Use strips of DP and punch one side use as decoration on the inside of the buggy and to cover where you just glued on the handles.

Cut a little piece for a pillow and one for a cover in DP, on my piece that I used for the cover I put a piece of lace on the edge also. Glue them to the bottom of the buggy.

Put your bbq skewer trough the holes for the handle.

And now it should look something like this.

To finish it off I used the stamp Sans tag and gratulerar and tied it to the handle.

Hope you enjoy the tutorial