onsdag 15 maj 2013

Goodbye from Denmark

I have been on the designteam for a few years, and in the years a lot of new stamps have seen the light of day. Eventhough I have a few favorites.

My favorite stamps are:

Here I stamped it on shrinking plastic
Banner (sorry no link, since it no longer is for sale in the shop)

Just LOVE this bikini card. So simple and still so beautiful.

Like the use of black as a background color.

student hat
The reason why I wanted to be a DT member was the danish-text-stamps. I use them A LOT!

Yummy ghoststamp!

Heart with swirls
If they asked me what kind of stamp they needed to make, I would say a star. Just love stars...

I'm so sad Stämpelkällan is closing, but I have loved my time as a designteammember. Thanks to all the other wonderful girls. I have injoyed our time together!

Love from Denmark! Benita

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