lördag 4 februari 2012

Project of the week

Hi again!!

Hope you all joined our lottery to win a stamp, there is still time just click here to go to the right post, and that you are enjoying the weekend! This week the project we want to show you and inspire you with is valentine gift boxes in different shapes and sizes :)

This one Jaana made and the stamp she used is called Blomstergirland med hjärta i mitten.

I (Madame Ink) made an octaganel box I used the template that can be found on DT Sans blogg the stamp I used is called Hjärta 3, dubbelhjärta med småhjärtan
 Cattiegirl made a little box and used the stamp texthjärta

 Maiden decorated this plastic box, making it look great using alot of heartstamps they are called hjärta6 på rad, hjärta 1 enkelt, hjärtan, dubbla, hjärta1,enkelt med spets åt vänster, hjärta1,enkelt med spets åt höger

 This box Sempeltigger made using the stamps ängel på moln, ram med rosetter

Bili used the stamps till dig... bara för att du finns and hjärta 1, enkelt to mae this beautiful box filled with goodies.

Have a great day

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  1. Vilka underbara kort. Älskar att göra bakgrunder av hjärtstämplar


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