lördag 11 februari 2012

project of the week/jewelry boxes

Diamonds are a girl's best friend.....
.......Oh well, perhaps not boxes for diamonds, but we've made some for jewelry -to keep them safe or to use as a gift wrapping.

The first box is made by Tesa:
This is how it looked like before she attached all the decorations. The stamps are Klockbakgrund, Hörn snirkligt and Klocka mindre.

Front side with all the decorations. Neat don't you think?!
On the reel Tesa stamped Text med ros and on the shoulder of the torso she stamped Swirl med blomma åt höger.

This is what I, Monica, made:
Here you find Blomma med blad o hjärtan on the top and Hjärtan med småblad on both sides.

When you open it you find three small trays; perfect for my ear-rings, my daughter said...

Christina made a heartshaped box, perfect for a Valentine gift I think:
The text says Gör varje ljuvligt minne till en pärla och du har snart ett vackert pärlhalsband.

Elli made a cute little chest of drawers:
On the drawers and around the edges you find Hjärtswirl hörne.

Finally, this is Pillans cute oval box:
I like the way she has layered the lid! The flower is embossed: Blomster liten.

I hope you've found some new ideas and want to try some box making as well =)
Enjoy your weekend!! // Monica

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  1. Vilka underbra askar,
    Kram Elin

  2. hur coola är inte dessa! bra jobbat allihopa!


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