tisdag 28 februari 2012

Tuesday tip by Elli

Hi again!

Today I am going to show you how to make your own flower using a heart shaped punch.
My punch makes a heart that is quite long and narrow, but if you have a punch that makes more "round" hearts that works aswell. Maybe you just need to make them overlap eachother a bit or not use as many.

This is what you need:

Scraps of two different papers (cardstock or designpaper does not matter)
Heart shaped punch
One bigger brad

Punch out 8 hearts of one color and 4 of the other color

Chalk the edges

You need a round piece of paper as a base to glue the hearts on. If you have a round punch thats perfect, but if you dont, do what I did and make a circle with the help of something round and cut it out :)

Put glue on the circle and begin to attach 4 of the 8 hearts opposite to eachother

Then attach the 4 of the other color on top, like in the picture

The 4 remaining hearts I cut a bit smaller

Then attach them in the middle (Oops sorry about my finger there lol! Noticed that just now :)

Make a hole for the brad

Done! Maybe you need to "bend up" each heart a bit so the flower isnt all flat

This is a card I made and decorated with this kind of flower (not the one in the pictures above though :)
The stamp I used is Vera som surpricedam

I hope you try this out if you have a heart punch!

Have a nice day


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