lördag 25 februari 2012

Project of the week


I hope you had a fantastic weekend so far. Today we show you what we been fiddling with for the last few weeks. The theme was recycling so me and the other ladies have had a blast figuring out what we can use that we would normally throw away to make something fun from. It makes you think twice before throwing something away again :)

Here is what we came up with, hope you enjoy!

 I used my empty rolls that the double sided tape been on,

 Put two together and rapped it all in paper, made a little lid for it and presto! :) I made a piggybank :) The stamps I have used are called
Tag with swirls, clock background and swirl with flower to the left. The clock background and swirl with flower to the left is a bit hard to see but they are stamped directly on the design paper with a light pink ink. You can hint it on the second picture from the top.

 Jaana used an empty milk carton t make a tea light holder she also used the stamp swirl with flower to the left.

Bili made a jar to keep your mint pastilles, medication or something else that is small, Earrings maybe? She used an empty tea light casing (the big size) as the base of the jar, the stamps she used for this is corner swirl and heart with leafs.

 Maiden recycled an aluminum can, put it through the cuttlebut with an embossing folder, after that she coloured it with alcoinks and made a great card. The stamp she used is called text grattis i vimplar. 

Stempeltigger took an empty chips box and dressed it up so it can be used as a gift box for example. The stamps she used is called:
Straw in a row
Swirl with flower to the right 
Pirate girl
Clock with hands
Clock with wings

I hope you are inspired to use some unusual things yourself before you throw them away :)


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