tisdag 26 juli 2011

Tuesday Tip by Elli: Swing card

Hello and welcome to my Tuesday Tip! Today I am going to show you how to make a Swing card. It is a fun fold and easy to make. I will write the measurements in both cm and inches so you can choose wich one you want to use.

Start by cutting a piece of cardstock in 14 x 17,2 cm (5-1/2"x 6-3/4").

Place the paper with the long side upwards in the paper trimmer if you have one with a scoring blade. Otherwise use ruler and scoring tool.
At 7 cm (2-3/4") score 3,2 cm (1-1/4") in from both the top and bottom edge.
And at 10,2 cm (4") score again 3,2 cm (1-1/4") in from top and bottom edge. Now it should look like this:

Turn the cardstock and place it in the paper trimmer. Now use the cutting blade.
At 10,8 cm (4-1/4") line the blade up at 3,5 cm (1-3/8") and cut down to the score line.
Then keep the paper in the same place and line the blade up at 13,7 cm (5-3/8") and cut up to the other score line.
Turn the paper and repeat this step on the other side. Then it looks like this:

Place the cardstock again with the long side upwards in the paper trimmer.
At 3,5 cm (1-3/8") cut between the two lines already cut.
Turn the paper and repeat this step on the other side and it looks like this:

Then fold like this:

And then decorate as you like :)

This is my finished card where I used the stamp Idag ska du firas:

This is a swing card I made a while ago:

It is a bit bigger than the first one to make room for the stamp San med blomsterbukett. And also I cut the design paper so that it covers most of the card. It takes a bit more measuring and cutting but looks nice I think.

That´s all from me for now! Hope my tip will be useful.


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  1. What a great tutorial...I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.
    Joyce xx


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