onsdag 30 mars 2011

Easter x3

I've been doing a few eastercards this year (I normally don't). I just couldn't NOT use these absolutely adorable easter stamps! For this first card I used "Hönan Agda balanserar" as well as an assortment of feathers... I also used a bit of punchinella to act as chicken wire. Look out everybody, Agda is on a run!!! :D

For the second card I used Herbert and masked him together with some eggs. I put a heap of yellow roses on there and doodled some swirls before adding some bling...

Third but not in any way the least... A card featuring the easter chicks with the egg. I used lots of layers on this one. I used a MS punch around the page and I think this particular one is called vintage lace (not too sure though). And I also dug out my old dry chalks and used them to chalk all the edges. An orange ribbon gave a nice contrast that I really like, I normally go for the same tones, but I think that from now on I'll be somewhat bolder in my choice of colours!
Now hop on over to the shop and order yourselves some easter stamps!!!
Hugs San

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