tisdag 1 mars 2011

Tuesday tip

Hi all and welcome to this Tuesday's tip!
Sometimes when you are making a card there isn't that "right" type of paper you need whether it's not the right pattern/design on it or the right colour, and instead of spending lots of time looking for that paper or buying new paper, why not make your own design? :)
I would like to share with you how to make your own "designpaper" using clear embossing. I am sure there are several more ways to use clear embossing to make backgrounds or "designpaper" but today I'm going to show you the two ways that I use from time to time. And of course you can use any other colour on your embossingpowder, I just like clear because of the subtle effect it gives.
OK so here we go!

First you will need:
heating gun
watermark stamp pad
clear embossing powder
a piece of cardstock in a appropriate colour
and one or more stamps of your choice, small and simple stamps work best for this type of thing.  I decided to use Easterfeather small tip toward leaftEasterfeather small tip toward right, Easterfeather small angled toward leaft , Easterfeather small angled toward right

Take the stamp and the watermark stamp pad and stamp away. Make sure you spread out the stamp equally over the paper and don't be afraid to twist and turn the stamp so it don't look too perfect and neat :)
I normally start by stamping on half of the surface depending on how big the piece is.
 Then you pour the powder on the first half and heat it with your heatgun and then get to work on the second half.
 After you heated the second half this is how it looks.
You will get different effects with different colours on your cardstock. Light coloured cardstocks normally gives you a darker shade on where you emboss, darker normally just shimmers a little where you put the stamp.

 This is what I made with my background.
Here I also used the stamps 
 For the next one you will need:
a piece of watercolour paper
watermark stamp pad
heating gun 
and distressink + blendingtool
or if you want to you can use memories mistspray instead of the distressink + blendingtool (see pic below)

 start out like you did on the first one with watermark stamp pad and your stamp.
 Before you heat it dont forget to brush of any excess powder that may have got stuck in the wrong places, you can use a thin paintbrush for that (in my case I pressed my stamp to hard on the watermark pad and some got in the center of the heart) Its hard to see white powder on white paper but if you dont brush it away it will show when you add the colour.
 Use your blendingtool to add the colour in a circular motion and like magic the pattern appears :)
The distressink+tool is good because you can choose how dark colour you want.
 But it is easier to get a more even result with the spray. If you use the spray you will need to wipe the surface of your paper, just wait about 1 minute before you do that , use ordinary tissuepaper/kitchen towels. This is because otherwise there is still wet patches on the embossing and this will also make the pattern more clear.
 This is what I made with my spray background
And this with my distressbackground
The stamp I used on these ones are called heart 5 quadruple

I hope you find some use of my tip.
have fun.
Lots of love 

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  1. Du hast die Technik sehr gut erklärt und deine Hintergrundkarten sehen toll aus:-)))) Ich ärgere mich oft, weil sich das Papier bzw. die Pappe nach dem Erhitzen des Embossingpulvers verzieht bzw. wellt - aber wenn ich zu wenig erhitze, dann schmilzt das Pulver nicht richtig. Wie bleibt bei dir das Papier glatt? Freue mich auf einen Tipp von dir - Liebe Grüße von Sanne

  2. Supersnyggt!! Jag ska absolut testa å göra lite egna papper! Tack för inspirationen!


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