lördag 26 mars 2011

Veckans projekt: väskor/bags

I know one thing for sure: a woman can't have too many handbags!!! =)
Today we're going to show you that there's an easy way to enlarge your collection: make some more in paper!

First out is Pippin:

For this lovely handbag she's used Blomstergirlang med ett hjärta, Grattisbakgrund and Hjärtliga gratulationer.
The decorated square is also a pocket where you can put some money as a gift.

This is a handbag made by Tesa:

Here's a bag with room for a lot of important stuff! Tesa has used Tag rundad and Ett stort grattis.

Ellis cute handbag looks like this:

The stamps she used are Hjärta med symetriska swirls och Blomsterhörne 2.

Maidens bag is made to suit a princess!

For a royal bag what'll be more suitable than to use Krona kung and Krona prins embossed in gold?!

This lovely bag by Bic will be perfect for any Easter-dinner:
Bic used Glad påsk and San med katt.

Christina has also prepared for Easter with a cute bag for eggs:

Christina used Påskfjäder, Glad påsk and Påskhönan Agda balanserar på ett ägg.

Now it's my turn to show you the last one. I'm Monica and I made a backpack:
I've also used Grattisbakgrund to decorate my bag.

Now we have a question for you: do you feel the need for another bag? =) We'd love to know which one is your favourite so please leave us a comment. Wish you all a lovely week!!!

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