lördag 12 mars 2011

Project of the week - Handmade flowers

Our project that we took on this week was to make handmade flowers for our projects... And this has resulted in many different variations! Take a look:

She made this penholder adorned with red flowers. The hot lips could be yours, find the stamp here!

I think this idea is great! She used the retro flower punches in different sizes to make a small gift card. Isn't this perfect as a small gift for other scrappers? She used the danish sentiment "Tillykke" and the trumpet blowing angel.

She followed a tip from Svensk Scrapbooking forum on how to make your own vintage roses using punches. The stamps she's used is called muffin and the sentiment reads "Enjoy every moment"!

Petra created a flower with paper and lace, so simple but yet very striking! It's a birthday card where she's used Vera Surprise and the sentiment "Hipp hipp hurra"!

Then there's me left. I suddenly remembered that I made my own flowers a couple of years back when I was too cheap to actually go out and BUY flowers, I thought they were way too expensive (it's kind of funny as you get more and more dragged into this hobby, your sense of what's expensive and not changes a lot!!!). I actually found the template I made back then on my computer (yes, I'm kind of a pack rat, I save everything) and I thought they weren't half bad actually... So I printed a sheet (on my good paper this time, not the usual flimsy copy paper I used back then) and coloured them and I must say I'm really pleased with the result.

On the lid of my round box that is now used to house 7 bottles of Stickles, I used Zoombie Lollipop! I just love this little one!

We hope you enjoyed our flowery attempts, and perhaps we've inspired you a bit as well! :)
Hugs from all of us!

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