onsdag 13 juli 2011

Box of note cards

A few of you might know that I'm on a mission to use a lot of my left over pieces of paper, you know those tiny, itty bitty pieces that are too big to throw away and to small to actually do something with?
I decided to use a lot of them by making small note cards, and I also made a matching box. (I actually made a whole bunch of boxes and card bases at once, so when it hits me, I have some prepared, I just need to add dome designer paper and an image!) I have made three little cards sofar, these measure 6,5x6,5cm. Perfect size for our flower stamps!

 I used flowers on these cards; (top left) Blomma dubbel (S12), and on the inside, the same flower only smaller; Blomma, dubbel - mindre (S12a). On the second card (top right) Blomma med spröt (S13) and on the inside, the same stamp but again smaller Blomma med spröt - mindre (S13a), and on the last card (bottom) Enkel ros (A94) where I used part of the same stamp on the inside. 
And if you got just a very tiny piece of paper left from another project, cut little squares or strips and mix it up with other leftover bits and make your own background with it!

The little box is big enough to hold five cards, but I only have three so far... But I guess you've got the idea! ;)

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