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Tutorial on a box

Hi all!
Today I want to show you all how to make this type of gift box. It’s a great box that can be made with or without a window on the front and in lots of different sizes. My box that I will show you today are without a window and with the finished measurements of 15x10x5 cm.

The stamps I have used on this one is called Blomma med spröt and blomma med spröt /mindre I just love these stamps I think you can use them with almost anything :).

Let’s start off with a list of material you will need:
A paper cutter
Double sided tape a bone folder
A scissor
A small piece of ribbon
3 cardstock 2 in one colour and 1 in a different colour
1 design paper that matches with the single cardstock
Glue (this is optional you can use double sided tape here also but I think it is easier with glue)
A pen of some kind (you don’t have to have it but it can come in handy if you feel the need to mark our different parts).
Start out by cutting the 2 cardstock that you have in the same colour at 25x20 cm and then use the bone folder to score at 5 cm on all sides on both papers, so they look like the top paper on the picture above

After that you put double sided tape at the back of one of the sides measuring 20 cm. so it looks like the picture above. Do the same to the other piece to.

Peel of the back of the tape and fold down the 5 cm edge. Do the same to the other piece.

On the opposite side you cut your score lines from the bottom up to where the lines meet. So it looks like Picture above.

Flip the pieces around and put double sided tape on the "flaps" that’s created from when you have cut the score lines.
Cut another piece put of the same cardstock that measures 9,8x25 cm score it at 5 cm and 10 cm on the long side (25cm side)

Put double sided tape on the piece measuring 15x9,8 cm.

peel the back of the tape of and put the piece in the middle of one of the other paper pieces (it should fit inside of the score lines with 1 mm on each side to spare) This piece you only do on one of the bigger pieces of cardstock and will in the end serve as you lid for the box.

Now peel of the back of the tape that you put on the "flaps" and fold along the score lines making the bottom of the box as the picture shows.

You should now have 2 half boxes looking like this (I hope :))

Now to put them together you slide one box in to the other like the picture above. BUT!!

Be aware for some reason they only fit one way. I don’t really know why because they are the same measurements but still :) so please try them out first before you use any glue or tape. You want the top edges to be the same height as the picture above to the right is showing not like the one to the left. Only different in the pictures is that on one an it’s outside B and on the other they are the other way around.

Here you come to the part where we all have different preference when it comes to adhesives. I use glue because it doesn’t stick strait away and you have time to move your parts if you need to. But if you feel that you would like to use double sided tape instead you can do that.:) Put the glue/tape on the box that goes inside the other on the sides and bottom part. Slide the glued box inside the other and make sure that all edges are at the same level and the hold till it’s dried.

This is what it should look like when it’s put together.

Take your cardstock that was a different colour and cut 2 pieces that measures 9,5x14,5 cm 2 pieces 4,5x14,5 cm and 2 pieces 9x4,5 cm. Then take your design paper and cut 2 pieces 9x14 cm 2 pieces 4x14 cm and 2 pieces 8,5x4 cm. put tape on all design paper pieces and stick them to the matching cardstock pieces so it looks like the picture above. Then put tape on the backside of all cardstock pieces. The reason for all the layers of paper is mainly stability, but also because I think it looks good with the little frame around the design paper.

Now you take your little piece of ribbon, peel of the back of the tape on one of the 9x4,5 cm cardstock pieces.

And put the ribbon on the back of the cardstock with a little loop sticking up. This will serve as your handle to open the box.

Stick that piece to the very top bit of the lid (the part you stick down in the box when you close it) placing the ribbon loop upwards. Place the rest of the cardstock/design paper pieces on to the box (it should be obvious where they should fit measurement wise)

 Now the box should look like this and is ready for some decoration.
Of course you can change the size of the box to fit your needs but I would not recommend you doing a box that requires more than one sheet of paper per side of the box because a box made out of paper that’s been joined together does not make a stable box. Here I made 3 different sizes 10x10 cm, 10x15 cm and 10x20 cm all of them ar 5 cm deep


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  1. Denna MÅSTE jag bara prova på stört att göra!!! Så smart och med många möjligheter att variera. Dina askar är superfina!!
    Kram Maria


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